MILES FOR MARY was commissioned and developed through the support of The Bushwick Starr, with additional developmental support from Ars Nova





November 17 - 19, 21, 22, 25 and 26 at 8pm // November 20 at 3pm

In a reworking of his 2013 play for one actor and a dirty Sesame Street Army, playwright and director William Burke is joining forces with Modesto "Flako" Jimenez and Brooklyn Gypsies Collective in a new and explosive Spanish/Spanglish/human translation of FURRY! /LA FURIA! that tells the story of a street Elmo who rises to power by taking over the streets of 42nd to 46th street by using The Art of War.

Written by William Burke and translated by Modesto Flako Jimenez and Mariela Regalado

Performed by Modesto "Flako" Jimenez and Olander "Big O" Wilson
Production design by Jeanette Yew
Costume design by Ásta Bennie Hostetter
Lighting design by Dan Kent
The English version of FURRY! was originally performed at JACK in 2013