If all forms of performing arts had to culminate into one place, then it would have to be at The Bushwick Starr - because this popular venue is a platform promoting creativity and art through theater shows, dance and music. The massive space and comfortable seating, along with brilliant performances enhanced with state-of-art acoustics and lighting, create an experience that is truly magical! Your talented troupe can also rent this venue to practice before performing live in front of the cheerful Brooklyn crowd!

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…The Bushwick Starr has become a cornerstone of one of New York’s fastest growing art scenes.

The Columbia Journalist

Sue, Noel and (in-house technical director) Jay Maury run the space like clockwork and provide such a welcoming atmosphere to performers and audience goers. The space has been home to all kinds of performances from dance to theater to music, as well as some pretty legendary parties.


While the Bushwick Starr is built to provide the traditional amenities of a black box theater, the producers provide emerging artists with technical assistance for more unusual uses of the space. The space has featured music shows, experimental theater and dance, comedy and acrobatics in the years that it has been operating on Starr Street. Kessler hopes the community of artists grows around the theater, making Bushwick more of a destination for experimental work.

The Brooklyn Courier

I sauntered over to the welcoming concession stand to chat with the girls there. I'm actually not exaggerating; the concession stand actually is quite welcoming…There are warm Christmas lights strung about, plush couches and little personal touches around their rasquachi establishment that make you want to settle in and, well, chat.

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One of the only Bushwick spaces dedicated solely to theater, music and dance, The Bushwick Starr began humbly in 2001. In 2003, the venue was converted into a fully-functional black box theater with the capacity to transform into a spacious concert venue. It also boasts a roof deck with killer views of the Manhattan skyline.

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