The Bushwick Starr is an Obie Award winning not-for-profit theater that presents an annual season of new work in theater, dance, and puppetry. We are an organization defined by both our artists and our community, and since 2007, we have grown into a thriving theatrical venue, a vital neighborhood arts center, and a destination for exciting and engaging performance. The Bushwick Starr’s mission is to help ambitious artists and ambitious audiences find each other. We provide a spring­board for emerging professional artists to make career-defining leaps, and we are a sanctuary where established performance companies come to experiment and innovate. We are also a neighbor­hood playhouse, serving our Bushwick, Brooklyn community’s diverse artistic needs and impulses.

The Bushwick Starr began in 2001 as a developmental space for the New York based theater company, Fovea Floods, Inc. In 2004, the company helped to fully convert the space to a black-box venue while producing a large-scale theatrical run. In the subsequent years, as the neighborhood of Bushwick began to transform into a thriving artistic nexus desirous of space and support, we decided to open our doors to other artists. Since doing so, we have quickly grown into a bustling theatrical venue, enjoyed by artists and audiences near and far.

The Bushwick Starr theater stands in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, and at the crossroads of our neighborhood’s unique culture, history, and community. Our performance space strives to unite these elements within an artistic forum and serve as a place where both artistic and community based dialogue can be encouraged and explored. We offer affordable space and performances to both the local community, and artists throughout the New York metro area. Our visitors experience a warm, welcoming, and vibrant atmosphere.

The Bushwick Starr believes in supporting serious artists caught in a moment of exploration. We offer a supportive space for artistic development that serves as a refuge held away from high production costs and expectations. We present works-in-progress, ongoing performance workshops, and full-scale productions. Our artists offer new, experimental, multi-disciplinary work to a diverse community of theater-goers.