For the first time, in addition to the in-kind support the Starr provides in the form of space, rehearsal time, equipment, and staff manpower, we're upping our game to provide what artists need most: straight up financial support. Starting this Fall, we'll be handing over a chunk of change to each of our presented artists upfront, to help them build their show and create some of their most ambitious work to date.

All contributions to the Artist Commissioning Fund go straight into the pockets of those creating work at the Starr, helping provide competitive commissioning fees at an average of 10k per artist. This support gives our artists the freedom and flexibility necessary to create groundbreaking new work.

At The Bushwick Starr, we've always prided ourselves on providing the time and space for artists to dream big, take risks, and defy even their own expectations. Now we're committing to take a huge step in the support we provide, and we hope you'll give us the boost we need to get to the next level!